Tennis Courts

We will begin using RESERVE MY COURT for all reservations for Tennis or Pickleball play starting April 1st.  As soon as you register as a club member of Homestead Farm, you may begin booking.  You can also install the app (called “RMC2020”) on your Android or Apple device.  RMC is open and ready for folks to register with the Homestead Farm club.

Some things to know about the registration process:

  1. You will need to provide a birth date, but it can be fictitious as we will not be using that information but cannot turn this function off.
  2. You will need to put in your address.  This is how we know you are an actual resident of Homestead Farm and you cannot bypass this step.  Please do not put in a fictitious address. 🙂
  3. Here is a video to take you through setting up a new user account should you get stuck.
  4. Here is a video to take you through making a reservation should you get stuck.
  5. Our two courts are referred to as Amenities in the RMC app.  They are the West Court (Pickleball) and East Court.
  6. When making a reservation, you do not have to designate the “Event Type”, although I did create types for USTA and JTT should you wish to use them.