Covenants & Guidelines

Application for Project Approval Form (PDF)

All Homeowner requests for property improvements, such as additions, exterior paint, fences, front doors, roofing, etc., shall be submitted using the Application for Project Approval Form (PDF). Unless otherwise specifically stated, proposed improvements must be submitted to the Design Review Committee (DRC), and the written approval of the DRC obtained, before the improvements are made.  Additional information on how to obtain approval, request processing, guideline enforcement, types of improvements, and general guidelines can be found in the Residential Improvement Guidelines.

Notification of covenant violations should be sent to the Neighborhood Management Company found on this website’s home page.  Alternately, this information may also be passed along to any active member of the Board of Directors or Design Review Committee.

Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions of Homestead Farm Homeowners Association
Amended and restated March 7, 1997
Covenants and Restrictions of Homestead Farm

Residential Improvement Guidelines for Homestead Farm Homeowners Association
Residential Improvement Guidelines

Application for Project Approval Form

Roofing Materials List
Updated July 2013
Roofing Materials List

Architectural Violations Resolution
Updated June 2013
Architectural Violations Resolution (PDF)

Foreclosure Resolution
Updated November 2013
Foreclosure Resolution (PDF)

Collection Policy
Collection Policy (PDF)

Policies and Procedures
Updated January 1, 2006
Policies and Procedures (PDF)