Email List Rules

Purpose of the Homestead Farm email list:
To discuss topics that are specifically related to our small community of 251 homes such as announcements, neighborhood activities, and items for sale.

Appropriate Topics

  • Announcements of HOA monthly and annual meetings
  • Anything Homestead Farm specific, such as the perimeter fence stain color, where to submit Applications for Architectural Change forms, how to get in touch with our management company, etc.
  • Neighborhood activities (pumpkin fest, holiday sleigh ride, adult party, etc.)
  • Zoning and road construction
  • Trash service
  • Lost and found items
  • Local crime
  • Lost pets
  • Green belt common area maintenance and improvement: grass, trees, flowers, etc.
  • Swimming pool stuff
  • Swim team announcements (the Swim Team has its own list for more detailed, day-to-day business)
  • Volleyball tournaments
  • Garage sale announcements
  • Unique items for sale that may be of specific interest to neighbors, like a toddler bed that your child has outgrown
  • Announcements of local elections
  • Offers of babysitting, lawn service, snow shoveling, etc. by the daughters and sons of those who live in Homestead Farm
  • Recommendations for good contractors for home repair, lawn care, etc.
  • Looking for a nanny
  • Important announcements from the City of Centennial
  • Local school information
  • Announcements that are specifically about something cool that you or a neighbor is doing: band gigs, soccer championships, raising money for cancer research by running a marathon, etc.
  • Announcements of new neighbor supper clubs, bunko groups, group camping trips, etc. when you are looking for new people to join.

Inappropriate Topics

  • Advertising your local business, or any business.
  • Advertising for your in-home parties where stuff is for sale like jewelry, Tupperware, handmade South American textiles, etc.
  • Real estate topics.
  • Political discussion of any sort beyond “Don’t forget to vote!”
  • Jokes and memes
  • Discussion of an issue that is not specific to Homestead Farm. For example, a discussion about coyotes in the neighborhood is relevant. The topic of global warming is not.
  • Invitations to Evite, facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., unless it is related to a neighborhood event
  • Anything that would be better discussed directly with our elected board of directors and/or management company, such as why your application to paint your house bright purple was rejected.
  • This is not a public forum for shaming or expressing disapproval of neighbors or volunteer board members. If you have an issue with your neighbor, please talk to your neighbor. If you have comments for the board, we invite and encourage you to actively participate by joining the board and/or attending meetings where you can contribute your ideas.

Please keep the tone of your emails respectful and polite. If you have written an angry rant, please hit “save” rather than “send,” and then edit your words at a later time when you have calmed down.

The intent is to keep this email list a “low volume” list, meaning you won’t get a ton of email by being a member of the list. By limiting the discussion to neighborhood announcements and topics that are directly related to living Homestead Farm, being a member of this list should not be a burden on your inbox. In most cases, you should respond directly to the person posting the email and not the entire list. Please don’t “reply all.”

If you have suggestions or additions, please contact the email list moderator