Today, more than ever, people understand the need to responsibly manage waste.

Republic Services uses the single stream recycling program so you can put all your recyclables together in one bin and it will be picked up the same day as your trash service.

Here is a list of acceptable material:

  1. Newspaper and paper including all white and colored paper, envelopes, phone books etc.
  2. Aluminum: including beverage cans such as soft drinks, beer, pet food cans, pie tins, aluminum foil. Please rinse first.
  3. Steel food cans such as cans from soup and vegetables. Please rinse. Aerosol cans also.
  4. Glass bottles and jars. It is OK to leave the labels on but please rinse. No window glass or drinking glasses.
  5. MOST plastic. Anything labeled 1 through 7 on the plastic can be recycled. Please remove the lids – they can not be recycled.
  6. Cardboard as long as it is flattened in your recycle bin or bundled in a 3 x 3 square. This includes pizza boxes, cereal boxes, soda case boxes, macaroni and cheese boxes, etc. ALL of this can now be recycled.

We are recycle collection Schedule A.